Webinar: PSM in Challenging Times

Public Service Media in Challenging Times: Connectivity, Climate and Corona:

A talk by Professor Graham Murdock, hosted and organised by InnoPSM.

Resources shared during the webinar discussions can be found here.

Graham Murdock is Emeritus Professor of Culture and Economy at Loughborough University. He has written extensively on the political economy of broadcasting, the idea of a digital commons, and on the politics of risk, most recently in relation to the climate emergency. He has held visiting professorships at the Universities of Auckland, California at San Diego, Mexico City, Curtin, Bergen, the Free University of Brussels, and Stockholm and taught widely across China. His work has been translated into 21 languages. His more than 300 works include, for example, as co- editor, Money Talks: Media, Markets, Crisis (2015); New Media and Metropolitan Life: Connecting, Consuming, Creating (in Chinese, 2015); Carbon Capitalism and Communication: Confronting Climate Change (2017, co-editor); Researching Communications (third edition 2021, co-author); The Handbook of Political Economy of Communications (2011, co-editor); Digital Dynamics (2011, co-editor); The Idea of the Public Sphere (2010, co-editor); Media in the Age of Marketization (2007, co-editor); Television Across Europe (2000, co-editor); The Political Economy of the Media (1997, co-editor); Communicating Politics: Mass Communications and the Political Process (1986, co-editor); Televising Terrorism: Political Violence in Popular Culture (1984, co-author); Mass Media and the Secondary School (1973, co-author).


Alessandro d’Arma is a Reader at the University of Westminster’s Communication and Media Research Institute. He is the principal investigator of the InnoPSM: AHRC Research Network on Innovation in Public Service Media Policies.

Minna Horowitz is a Docent at the University of Helsinki, Fellow at St John’s University in New York, and expert on advocacy and digital rights at Central European University. She is co-investigator of InnoPSM: AHRC Research Network on Innovation in Public Service Media Policies.

Klaus Unterberger is the head of the Public Value Department of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Austria’s public service broadcaster. This department focuses on public service media’s mission, remit, quality control, communications and international corporation.

Christian Fuchs is a professor at the University of Westminster where he is the director of the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI).

Moderation: Michael-Bernhard Zita
Michael is a public service media expert and a PhD student at the Technical University of Munich.

Recommended reading in the context of this event:
Graham Murdock, 2005. Building the Digital Commons: Public Broadcasting in the Age of the Internet. In Cultural Dilemmas in Public Service Broadcasting, ed. Gregory Ferrell Lowe and Per Jauert, 213-230. Gothenburg: Nordicom.