SG Member Roberto Suarez Candel at #PBI: PSM as a Value Provider

Roberto Suárez Candel, Head of Strategy & Media Intelligence, European Broadcasting Union – EBU shared a vision for the future PSM leadership at Public Broadcasting International on 10 September 2019. He focused on purpose. The purpose creates both strategy of, and narrative about, public service media:


Key failure factors

  • Disruptions
  • => Missed opportunities
  • => Not adapting quickly enough to changes

What is working

  • Active outward-looking
  • Listen to stakeholders
  • Information meets purpose => creating value for society <= your purpose!

Socially impactful organizations

  • Perceived as more relevant
  • Stronger political and economic support
  • Appeal for better employees
  • Get strategic partners (that are needed)

Value depends on the needs of the people who might need you. Know your audiences. Be proactive with stakeholders. A way to think about value:

  • 5 key problems in your country?
  • How do you tackle them in your content/services?
  • In what way can you be a part of a solution?

PSM organizations need to transform from content providers to value providers.

Dr. Roberto Suarez Candel of EBU at Public Broadcasting International 10 September 2019.

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