SG Member Sally-Ann Wilson at #PBI: A Global Call-Out for PSM

Sally-Ann Wilson, the CEO of the Public Media Alliance and a Steering Group Member of InnoPSM gave a powerful speech at Public Broadcasting International on 11 September 2019. She also announced a new advocacy project:


  • Public media really matters in many ways, even in a globalized world. It has to do with our culture and identity. It is trusted. It holds power to account.
  • But what do we really do to advocate for public media, globally? Why has PSM gotten so far from the public and political consciousness, why is it not always recognized for what it does?
  • The ‘Global Call Out’ coordinated by PMA aims to build on that work; to advocate specifically and internationally for the positive role of public media and its value to citizens.
  • As an important part of this initiative, PMA is establishing a new Global Task Force for Public Media. This Global Task Force, chaired by Catherine Tait, President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada and including, for instance, European Broadcasting Union – EBU, will work to develop a consensus and single, strong voice around the issues and challenges facing public media.

Find out more, and sign up, here:

There has never been a better opportunity, nor more urgent need, for public media organisations to come together and advocate for their shared principles

PMA CEO Sally-Ann Wilson at Public Media International, 11.9.2019.

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