Steering Group meets to hone in the work plan

University of Westminster hosted the first InnoPSM Steering Group meeting on 19 September in London. The goal was to use the blue skies principle to further define the aims, objectives, strategies and tactics of the project to create an impactful and agile network around public service media challenges.

Some core definitions and decisions included:

  • Cumulative knowledge creation from workshop to workshop
  • Focus on enduring challenges on PSM – and in their manifestations in the digital environment
    • Rights
    • Reach
    • Distribution
    • Independence
  • Importance to make linkages between macro, meso, and micro outlooks on the media ecology around PSM
  • The core motivation to unpack the complex connections between the digital ecosystem, public service media ethos, and democracy: in relation of informational, cultural – distinctive – role of public media
  • Every workshop will focus on awareness, relevance and value of PSM
  • Every workshop will discover and address: concrete best practices, policy issues/questions, and need for new research agendas

Warmest thanks to the Steering Group members for their participation and insights!

PI Alessando D’Arma of U. if Westminster addressing the project Steering Group.

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