Contribute to PSM Utopias!

How will the Internet and public service media ideally look like in the future?

Please join us in creating visions for the future of public service media, the Internet, and communication by answering three short questions!

There is a need to empower the discourse on the future of the media and the Internet by visionary thinking, including provocative, radical and utopian perspectives.

“Public Service Media/Internet Utopias” is a short survey organised as a co-operation of the Communication and Media Research Institute and ORF Public Value.

Christian Fuchs (Director of the Communication and Media Research Institute) &
Klaus Unterberger (Head of ORF Public Value) will facilitate the fourth InnoPSM workshop, on Public Service Media Utopias, In London, 18-19 May 2020.

The authors of the most visionary contributions will be invited to participate in the workshop.

Please find the survey here:

Thank you for sharing your visions for the future!


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